People are upset that there were 2,000 open seats at the Bison game on Saturday. Fair enough. The Bison are on the road to their seventh national championship in eight years. They need us now like they have always needed us. I will remind you that there were a lot of empty seats prior to their championship streak. Kudos to those fans who have been there for the good years and the rough years.

But consider this regarding this past Saturday’s empty seats: People sell their tickets for double or more than face value. People are holding on to their season tickets just to make money. My family has tried to get two more season tickets for five years so we can sit together as a family. Yet at every game, the seats around us are filled with rotating groups of people who overpay from season ticket holders.

South Dakota State is coming back to challenge us for our spot in the national championship game. We must fill every seat in the Fargodome for that game, so it’s on you season ticket holders. One of the best contributions you can make to our football players is to make sure those seats can be filled. Stop making a profit at their expense. If we want to make sure the Fargodome is filled to support our team, then we must stop making a side business off of the tickets and make sure everyone can afford to go. Perhaps the 2,000 empty seats are a statement from people who are sick of being swindled by fellow Bison fans.

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