The St. Paul Newman Center Project is too dense, too tall and does not have enough parking. You have heard this position from the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association at two Planning Commission meetings, please join us as we share it with the Fargo City Commission.

The developer plans to demolish every building on the St. Paul Newman Center block, including the existing chapel. They plan to replat the block into three lots; one for a new chapel and 25 units of faith-based student apartments, one for 87 market-rate student apartments and the third for 13 townhomes.

The developer wants the zoning changed to a high-density, multi-family district. Under current zoning rules the block is big enough for the St. Paul Newman Center expansion or 91 apartments, but not both.

With the addition of 34 apartments beyond the maximum, both the chapel and housing are being squeezed on to the site. The maximum density allowed is 24 units per acre. The developer is asking for 33.

The RNA offered a compromise at 30 units per acre by requesting the developer reduce the height of the apartments to four stories and reserve space on site for another set of townhomes. Our proposed compromise increased the value of the project, but the developer was unwilling to make the change. On-site parking plans are offered at less than one parking space per bedroom.

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We think our compromise is attainable for all parties. Please join us at the City Commission meeting or let any of the city commissioners know that the project is too tall, too dense and does not have enough parking.