My compliments to Rich Veit on his response Dec. 4th to Rob Port's Dec. 2nd column about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He stated in logical, easy-to-understand language the complex issue of ADHD and how schools go about determining if it could be impacting student learning.

The three points he made were detailed, and clearly described the teamwork between home, school and pediatricians, when discussing the possibility of an ADHD diagnosis. Speaking as a retired elementary teacher, I would suggest this article be given to every new teacher as a point of reference which could be shared with concerned parents.

Trained professionals are working with the family to gather the needed facts. This information is invaluable whether or not ADHD is the final conclusion. This is not a decision made on a whim by the teacher. The concern here is how to structure lessons, communication and daily activities to optimize student achievement and happiness.

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