The word tolerance has played a key role in the battle to undermine the concept of absolute truth in our society. Tolerance used to mean the ability of a person to put up with another point of view, even though they disagreed with it. However, a new definition of tolerance has developed over the years to mean something far different.

We must now celebrate, enable and promote any alternative viewpoints as equal to our own, regardless if you agree with it or not. If you don't, you are labeled as unloving and a hater.

Now, some may consider tolerance to be a Christian virtue. The characteristics of this new brand of tolerance and love sound genuine and pious. In reality, they are often being used these days to suppress and attack exclusive truth claims, especially Christian beliefs. The truth is we do have a loving God, but he cannot tolerate sin.

During this holiday season, let us never forget why "Jesus is the reason for the season." You see, it is this Jesus, this Immanuel, this God with us, who is the ultimate proof of the father's great love. That while we were still sinners, he sent his son to suffer and die for us. And for all who believe and put their trust in him, we will join with the heavenly choir on that last day and sing praises to his name: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, and the Prince of Peace.

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