Letter: Lack of snow plows on rural roads is not acceptable

WDAY recently aired a story in regards to the lack of plows on North Dakota roads after a recent snow fall of 1 to 3 inches. I happened to also send a message of concern to the North Dakota Department of Transportation after a few employees with our company voiced concerns about the road conditions between Fargo and Grand Forks.

I want it noted this is directed at our North Dakota leaders. Our plow drivers and road maintenance crews do an exceptional job when allowed. What I got out of the story from WDAY was the NDDOT did not have the funding allocated for plows to clear our roads for safe travel.

Come on, North Dakota. You are putting a dollar amount on the safety of the residents of this state and, more importantly, the children that are travelling on these roads every morning to school. Get your priorities straight!

I will directly point the finger at Traill County as my experience on my route to work showed there was serious concern for travel safety after 3 inches of snow, 12 hours after the snowfall ended.

Cass County I-29 was clear, Grand Forks County I-29, clear. Grandin to Buxton, not the slightest sign of a plow in sight! You need to seriously consider rural travel in North Dakota because its looking like you've put a dollar amount on the safety of your residents.