The recent so called farm bill passed by Congress, and likely to be signed by the president, is mostly unconstitutional pork that is nothing more than an involuntary redistribution of wealth from the taxpayers to special interests. The price tag is $867 billion dollars, 80% of which is dedicated to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, i.e food stamps with no requirement for work. Many of the recipients are not even citizens, and most of those are probably illegal residents.

Yet more big bucks for price supports so we can pay more for products, and even more big bucks to pay farmers not to grow stuff, and still more big bucks for subsidized insurance payments. From shallow pockets to deep pockets. Robin Hood in reverse.

I wish I could get paid not to work. Oh, perhaps I can if I know how to game the system. What a pile of socialized manure, and many of the so-called conservatives mostly supported it.

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