Letter: One life is worth having a 'hissy-fit' over

A Dec. 10th letter to the editor by Dave Arnholt labels conservative political views as “whines”. Arnholt has a right to his opinions, and so do I.

Arnholt’s whine No. 3 concerned abortions. Arnholt describes those of us who keep having “hissy-fits” about abortions as “really right wing conservatives.” I would like to remind Arnholt that our really right wing Founding Fathers guaranteed the protection of life when they wrote the U.S. Constitution.

Personally, I think people who support abortion rights are extremists because you can’t get any more extreme when the result is death. Many prayers were said during the recent 40 Days for Life campaign. And some lives were saved. I believe even one life is worth having a hissy-fit over.

The truth is abortion is a grave evil. All of us are here today because our mothers chose life. Concerning the same “old garbage”, I know for a fact that life is a gift from God and God does not make garbage.