A recent Forum opinion column by Jay Bookman of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution suggests Democrats must identify “fresh voices” to oppose President Trump in 2020. While Bookman’s thesis seems well founded, questionable praise heaped upon his “irrelevant“ old-timers that “should not run” might be indicative of the parallel universe in which some liberals exist.

He labeled John Kerry “a superb public servant” with “heroic service in Vietnam.” The record shows Kerry was a key player in the disgraced Obama Iran nuclear deal and a proven liar regarding his non-heroic brief service as a riverboat commander in Vietnam. He shamefully discarded medals awarded him in the US Navy.

The best Bookman could come up with regarding Joe Biden was that he is “a wise and decent soul” and “sincerely committed to making this a better country.“ Do we not all have friends that fit that description? Biden's alleged less-than-decent comments and inappropriate touching incidents over the years are well documented. A long-time member of the deep state, he has never managed anything of significance.

Bernie Sanders is lauded as an inspiration to millions of Americans and a “powerful voice for the otherwise voiceless.” Sanders is an avowed socialist communist. He could bankrupt America if successful in imposing government run health care and free college for anyone who wants it.

Hillary Clinton is deemed to be well-qualified to be president because she is a former first lady, a former senator and a former secretary of state. That might be valid were it not for what is already documented in the public record. Clinton is a yet-to-be-indicted felon who knowingly played fast and loose with highly secret data on a private server in violation of federal law. Recent whistleblower reports indicate Clinton Foundation crimes may soon be revealed.

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It is easy to agree with Bookman that it is “time to move forward, not reach back;” especially with regard to the likes of the old Democrat presidential wannabes he listed. However, the 2016 voters that put President Trump in office might credibly argue that the new crop of “fresh voiced” liberal youngsters (including an alleged Robert Kennedy lookalike nick-named Beto) are likewise not particularly well qualified.

Trump voters might further argue that the factual record of significant White House accomplishments over the past two years indicate a current “fresh voice” is already moving America forward with multiple successes. Unfortunately, but no surprise, Trump’s many positive outcomes are seldom mentioned or recognized by the large block of anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans or their media acolytes like Bookman.