I read Shaun Moser’s December 27th letter. Moser represents the current thinking of the Trump Party, also known as the Republican Party.

What Moser is describing is a realignment of America’s two major parties. It will be defined by ideas about democracy and the rule of law. We may be heading into a time where America may have a Democratic Party (the current Democratic Party) and an Anti-democratic Party (the current Republican Party).

The current GOP must make big reforms in its agenda or risk electoral marginalization. The GOP must support comprehensive immigration reform, liberalize its views on gay rights, demand reforms on corporate governance, and stop talking like a bunch of “stuffy old men” who leave younger voters “rolling their eyes at what the party represents.”

The GOP hasn’t done any of this. Instead, it relies on preserving power for a party that represents a steadily shrinking share of the population, mostly defined by non-urban, lower-educated whites. These tactics include gerrymandering, voter suppression, manipulation of the census process and efforts to stack the federal judiciary with like-minded jurists.

The incoming Democratic majority in the House has vowed that its first major bill will focus on democracy, making it easier to vote, limiting big money in politics and ensuring presidential candidates are more transparent about their finances.

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It could be that Republicans, in coming months, will begin to change path on issues tied to democracy and the rule of law, or they won’t like Shaun Moser hopes.