I looked up the word pornography in the dictionary and it says, “writings, pictures, etc. intended to arouse sexual desire.” Mike McFeely says that there’s nothing pornographic going on in a restaurant in which the female servers are dressed like Victoria’s Secret models and ensure a good tip by playing to the mostly male clientele.

Is McFeely the dupe, or does he think we are? Sex has been selling for a really, really long time. I am just not sure why he attempted to deny that’s what was happening. As one of my sons wise-cracked, “Maybe they’re just more comfortable in their underwear…or maybe it’s really warm in the restaurant.”

More appalling than McFeely's desire to visit and write about the three “breastaurants” that NDSU fans visited in Frisco (really—15,000 fans all went to these three bars all weekend?) is The Forum’s decision to make that an above-the-fold front page story. Why does The Forum think it appropriate to highlight the NDSU fans who pay big tips to ogle women while drinking lots of beer? I’m hoping for better from my sons.

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