Rob Port doesn’t like the idea of disarming a dangerous person during the time the person is dangerous, instead of the less dangerous alternative. This, according to his Jan. 20th column.

He considers it a pre-crime police tactic to confiscate a gun from someone who “might” do something bad with it. Port wants to wait and see.

It’s the same deal with background checks. The government currently uses clues to deny millions of people the right to hold a gun, or even smell one. The U.S. is already pre-confiscating guns by refusing the right for something a person might do. I'm good with that.

I’m for more and better background checks. And a Red Flag law in North Dakota. Red Flag laws are more subjective than the computer lists that pop out information for the Scheel’s clerk. They are better and uncommon. Yet, the Ports of the world only bark at red and don’t even notice the lonely background check.

A Red Flag law does the same thing as a background check. We look at some clues and play the odds.

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I always enjoy Mr. Port’s columns.