Full confession, I live on the Red River in south Moorhead for many reasons, the turkey "rafters" is just one of them. Turkeys are direct descendants of the dinosaurs. Humans share much fundamental DNA with turkeys--the HOX gene is just one. The HOX gene directs the building plan for all living creatures built with the typical up/down, right/left orientation--two arms, eyes, legs, lungs, ears, etc. Our DNA is of no greater intrinsic value than that of the turkey. A turkey has a much smaller carbon footprint than do we.

As humans we should learn to live with nature. We need not dominate, exploit, sanitize and eliminate the turkeys who are part of nature and just trying to make a living.

I support living in harmony with our human and non-human neighbors who are all trying to make a living in the environment into which each living creature is confined by the unique DNA. Please, we do not need government action to deal with our non-human co-inhabitants.

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