Born just before the end of World War II and well into the fourth quarter of my life journey, I have witnessed incredible progress in the unique American experiment of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of its citizens.

Like many of you, it is my dream that the country I leave behind for my grandchildren will continue to be a place where every citizen is equally able to determine his or her fortune in life based on hard work and initiative.

How are we doing? The economy is thriving, unemployment stands at record lows for folks of all races, and brave entrepreneurs continue to risk everything to start a business. History shows that many of these brave souls, including people you know, ultimately reinvest much of their hard-earned riches in expanding businesses and starting new ones. American capitalism, along with rugged individualism, is offering every American an equal chance to succeed.

But wait. Not so fast. Some truly ugly clouds have formed on the horizon that could ultimately turn our dreams into a nightmare.

The news is replete with 2020 candidates for president openly calling for aggressive taxes on successful people at rates so high their incentive to continue will surely be lost. One candidate has even called for laws that would confiscate personal assets above arbitrary levels by way of death taxes and wealth seizure. The proposal is straight out of the Marxist Socialist handbook.

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Many political leaders are calling for “open borders,” thus inviting unlimited numbers of people from around the globe to migrate to the United States to share our freedom and liberty. But when does the level of inflow of mostly poor, uneducated refugees cause the nation’s economy to collapse? Is the number of 50, 100, 200 million, or more? Who will determine the final limit and then manage to stop the flow? The truth is that no more borders means no more USA. Yet, these politicians are deadly serious.

The right of a mother to negate her child’s Constitutional right to life has suddenly expanded in our America. Elected leaders in several states are promoting legislation that would provide a woman the “choice” of ending the life of her viable baby during the seventh, eighth and ninth months of pregnancy, up to and including when the baby is in the birth canal. “Choice” for abortion proponents now means any mom can kill her little baby girl or boy based on nothing more than a last minute whim.

Are not the rule of law, equal justice, freedom, and liberty for all in jeopardy if individual initiative can be crushed by redistribution of wealth; if open borders destroy the identity and livelihood of our nation; if the law allows selective murder of newborn babies? Politicians promoting these agendas are presently seated in the federal and state governments and are running for president.

If voters allow this to continue, our grandchildren will certainly not experience the unique American journey you and I have traveled.