We are all aware of the sexual abuse scandal that continues to rock our Catholic Church. For decades, clergy have been abusing children and adults, and for just as long bishops and the church have been covering it up. Across our country, many Catholic Dioceses have voluntarily released the names of credibly alleged abusive priests to begin the healing process. To date, over 70 Dioceses have published their lists, including Crookston, Duluth, St. Cloud, St. Paul/Minneapolis and at a national level all the Jesuit providences.

The Diocese of Fargo has made the decision not to release its list.

Clerical hegemony is rampant and a byproduct of the church which sees itself as self-sufficient, superior to and separate from the outside world, protecting itself at the expense of the people. We need to do away with the assumption of superiority, clericalism.

Public disclosure is necessary step toward justice and reconciliation for the victims and survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy.

Diocese of Fargo: Open your books!