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An often overlooked way to help our community

Ashley Ladbury Hrichena and Randi Dombek, co-presidents of the League of Women Voters of the Red River Valley, urge residents to consider becoming poll workers.

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Tuesday, August 16, is National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, and our community needs your help.

In the Cass County Primary Election, the county was short on poll workers to staff the vote centers. They made it work but need more people for the November election where there is a larger voter turnout.

Poll workers are crucial to our elections, and community members are how it happens. If you sign up, you go through training and then get paid to work the polls.

You can head to  powerthepolls.org  to learn more and sign up to be a poll worker today. Questions? Reach out to the Cass County election coordinator at 701-241-5631 or the Clay County election clerk at 218-299-5006. Our democracy and our community needs you.

Ashley Ladbury Hrichena and Randi Dombek are co-presidents of the League of Women Voters of the Red River Valley


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