Hulett: Local government, refugees and a 2020 forecast

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Mike Hulett, opinion columnist for The Forum Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Fargo Municipal Airport Authority

The Fargo City Commission and Fargo Municipal Airport Authority members have agreed to essentially keep the Airport Authority at arms length from the City Commission. This is a wise decision. Under the Airport Authority's guidance, our highly-qualified airport management staff and their first rate team members have made the airport one of the best anywhere. It is functioning quite well as a semi-independent entity; no big changes were needed.

Moorhead Public Service Commission

It was a mistake to start placing Moorhead City Council members on the MPSC. The standoff between the City Council and MPSC regarding who has the power (no pun intended) dates back well over 50 years. Much of it centers on the annual transfer of funds from the electric utility to the council's budget as provided for in the city charter. Because the Council appoints public service commissioners, they can argue public service is one of their city departments. Moorhead Public Service commissioners and staff argue it is a full-fledged independent utility. Over time, the transfer of funds and other management issues have been worked out with good communication and common sense; no big changes were needed.


Quality programs have been developed in our region over the past several decades to provide education and job training for New Americans. Many are refugees from war-torn countries seeking a new life in a new culture. Contrary to what some may think, these legal newcomers become self-sufficient members of the community and assimilate fairly quickly. Let’s continue our support for refugees that are successfully filling so many of the available jobs in our thriving local economy.

2020 Forecast

Over the past three years, the United States has moved upward to new heights of success and prosperity. Two justices dedicated to preserving our original Constitution have been appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Brave patriots in law enforcement are once again being supported and recognized for their contributions to our safety and security. The rule of law is again being enforced on our sacred borders. Our military has been rebuilt and stands ready and able to defend us from all enemies foreign and domestic.

We have a booming economy with major stock markets going through the roof. Americans are experiencing lower taxes, higher wages and profitable retirement plans. Following decreased regulations on business, unemployment remains at record lows for African Americans, Hispanics and women.


The much improved Mexico-Canada-America trade deal is in place. Thanks in part to North Dakota, America has become energy independent and no longer relies on foreign oil.

Sentencing relief for non-violent offenders has been signed into law, freeing many Americans from inappropriate incarceration.

We are finally standing up to our No. 1 enemy, China, resulting in better trade deals for American farmers and businesses and less theft of intellectual property.

Prospects for peace around the world are improving as we deal from strength with vicious dictators that call for our demise. All indicators show the economy continuing to flourish in 2020. It is truly a wonderful time to be an American living in the greatest democratic republic ever known to mankind!

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