Letter: I hope Americans choose life

Sims writes, "It is disturbing that the pro-choice people are not troubled morally with the many abortions that have nothing to do with health. It seems they are not bothered in the least about whether an unborn child is viable outside the womb."

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There have been several letters to the editor since the Supreme Court’s appeal of Roe v. Wade denouncing the decision with outrage and disgust. They are calling it a denial of women’s rights. Some of the comments made include: “states that make abortion illegal are in the same boat as North Korea, Russia and Iran,” “Roe v Wade reversal last week may have awakened a sleeping political tiger – American women,” and Jane Ahlin’s, “wouldn’t it be nice if abortions could be performed with guns?” It is ironic how Ahlin had no dissension when the Supreme Court was “reengineering the Constitution” in 1973 when it recklessly created a woman’s “right” to abort her living unborn child.

Another opinion writer asks the heartless and absurd question, “how will law enforcement know if a miscarriage is intentional or not?” This kind of argument is not only absurd but callous and hurtful.

Why do these liberal writers ignore what science says is life? And like the protesters throughout the country, their hostility and anger are apparent – by their words.

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Ahlin writes, "The rogue and riotous Supreme Court is reengineering the Constitution to suit reactionary belief systems of its far-right majority—belief systems frighteningly comfortable with Christian Nationalism, chaos, and minority rule."

It is disturbing that the pro-choice people are not troubled morally with the many abortions that have nothing to do with health. It seems they are not bothered in the least about whether an unborn child is viable outside the womb. They don’t even acknowledge the possibility of a child’s viability. It is a non-issue for them. The truth is if a child is viable outside the womb, then it is a child – with rights separate from the mother. There seems to be an inconsistent morality deficit here.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade ended the false "constitutional right" to kill an unborn human life. In President Biden’s address to the American people shortly after the Roe decision became public, he used the word “child” three times when referring to a women’s right to choose. So, Mr. President, is there a child involved in this decision, or not?


It is obvious the goal of the abortion lobby and the Democratic Party is to enshrine “reproductive rights” into federal law. Now that the Democrats were defeated by the Supreme Court, we will see even more aggressive efforts from them to codify abortion into federal law forcing all Americans to embrace and fund abortion in every community.

The key to changing hearts and minds is to change our perception of abortion - from a "procedure" to what it really is – a developing human being. I believe people can change when they are presented with the true humanity of the preborn child and especially if they are shown the horrific violence of abortion. Children in the womb are people and they have a right to life. Words like “pro-choice,” “a women’s right to choose,” and “fetus” are used by the far left to dehumanize them. The federal government cannot deprive any person of "life, liberty, or property" without due process of law.

The Supreme Court got it right by undoing an erroneous decision. Roe was never meant to be the final say on abortion. Our Founding Fathers knew from their experience that government also does not get the final say. “We the people” have the final say. Each state will decide if they want a culture of death or a culture of life. My hope is that most Americans will choose life.

Ken Sims lives in Moorhead.

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