Letter: A big thank you to the snow removal crews

"I want to thank the superb team of snow removal crews for all the work they have done this winter," Fargo resident Jackie Rosson writes.

Shannon Burton of Downtown Fargo BID clears snow from the sidewalk on the first day of spring Monday, March 20, 2023, on Broadway, Fargo.
Michael Vosburg/The Forum

This past June, I returned to live in Fargo after living outside of North Dakota since 1970. I had visited my parents, Don and Rosemary Wright, through the years but now am proud to be back as a resident.

I want to thank the superb team of snow removal crews for all the work they have done this winter. They have removed snow from both the streets and even the sidewalks and walk paths. They are amazing. I walk every morning and if the way is not plowed when I start, it is by the time I return to our condo.

I understand it has been some long hours and at all times of the day and night to do their jobs. I just wanted to express my appreciation for their efforts. Thank you.

My former neighbors down south don't understand that a little snow doesn't stop us, and even a big bit of snow doesn't stop us! We just move it out of the way and keep right on going. Even with the heavy dosage of snow this winter, it is wonderful to be back in the Fargo community of smiling, kind and caring people. As I stated once before, the temperatures are colder up here than down south, but the warmth and consideration of the people in this community make up for it.

Jackie Rosson is a resident of Fargo.


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