Letter: A must-do list for lawmakers

Brenda Jo Gillund of West Fargo urges lawmakers to increase funding for cancer research and prevention.

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Like most of us this time of year, Congress has a lengthy must-do list and at the top of that list should be passing policies to save more lives from cancer and improve patient care for those who are diagnosed with the disease.

As a cancer caregiver, I want Congress to pass critical legislation increasing federal funding for cancer research and prevention, creating a pathway for Medicare coverage of multi-cancer early detection tests once they’re FDA approved and clinical benefit is shown, and improving patient quality of life across all stages of the disease by expanding access to palliative care.

This must-do list is not a wish list. These policies are all essential, proven ways Congress can positively impact the lives of millions of American cancer patients, survivors and their families this year and for years to come.

There are few lists more important than this one and the end of the year the best time to get things done. I urge Sen. John Hoeven to work with his colleagues to ensure these important cancer policies get passed in any final year-end legislation.

Brenda Jo Gillund, West Fargo, is a volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.


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