Letter: A solution to the debate over transgender participation in sports

Chuck Coate of Fargo writes, "trans people (should) compete against other trans people, just like the Special Olympics."

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There's lots of interesting stuff going on in Bismarck with all the various bills offered up. I find the transgender stuff especially interesting and at the same time puzzling.

Men/boys who think/pretend they are women wanting to complete against real females is in itself puzzling but the real head scratcher is that there are those who advocate for that. People who are well-educated, I would guess, and one would think hold to some form of reason and rational thought. Of course we discriminate by not allowing real females to be held at a disadvantage in sports by having to compete against men/boys who think/pretend they are female. I'm surprised that the feminists in our midst are strangely silent.

As an example, we discriminate in the Special Olympics by allowing only those with disabilities to compete against one another. Others we discriminate against by not allowing them to compete. In fact, there is a very humorous movie, whose name escapes me, that deals with that very topic.

So what is the solution to all this hand wringing? Very simple, trans people compete against other trans people, just like the Special Olympics. Stay out of male and female competition so it is fair to all.

Chuck Choate lives in Fargo.


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