Letter: A special thank you to the gentleman at Cash Wise on Christmas Eve day

Mr. and Mrs. Claus were on the receiving end of a gift.

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My husband was in the 52nd Avenue Cash Wise store on Christmas Eve Day. We are in our 70s so, needless to say, it has been a year of precautions on our part. In my husband’s cart were four stuffed toys which he bought for some little kids that we don’t know well, but thought it would be nice for them to receive another gift from “Mr. and Mrs. Claus.”

My husband went to the convenience counter to pay for his items. A man ahead of him was just finishing. After my husband walked up to the counter the other man walked around and approached my husband, thanked him for his service (my husband was wearing his Vietnam Veteran cap) and gave him an envelope. My husband didn’t know what was in the envelope, but he thanked the man and was very grateful for the acknowledgment of his service.

When my husband arrived home he took out the stuffed animals and explained to me who they were for. Then he told me about the man who thanked him for his service. My husband opened the envelope. Inside was a money card with a fifty dollar bill which was enough to cover the stuffed toys.

Sometimes it’s the little miracles that touch the heart.

Carol Fowler lives in Fargo.

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