Letter: A suggestion for improving The Forum's opinion pages

Duhon suggests limiting authors to two published letters to the editor per year.

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Lately there has been conversation on the opinion page's responsibility in providing a forum for people with less than true "facts." I think an easy solution to this would be to limit each writer to two letters per year.


  • Letter: Quit giving people an audience for their nonsense Mike Hulett insinuated  Trump actually won the election and fraud will be uncovered. Trump lost in numerous courts. Votes were recounted and legitimate audits carried out. The Michigan GOP did a deep dive into their election results and found no evidence of fraud. There has not been a single valid claim of massive voter fraud. The only dead people who “voted” were recently deceased people who had a family member who voted for Trump in their name.

Kens Sims could tell everyone why his religion is the best twice a year, Ken Koehler could tie whatever issue people are talking about that day to abortion twice a year, Bette Grande could tell you why fossil fuels actually help climate change or whatever other lie she'll be paid to spread next twice a year.
I realize without these frequent writers there may be a lack of content, but if the opinion page was less an avenue for crackpots to spread lies perhaps more people would write.

Matt Duhon lives in Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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