Letter: Abortion is their bread and butter

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In a publicly-available 2013 court deposition, Tammi Kromenaker, director of the Red River Women’s Clinic, stated under oath that over 90% of their business and revenue is from abortions. No wonder their website currently says that due to COVID, they have “suspended all walk-in services such as pregnancy testing, STI testing and Emergency Contraception” and “need to focus their efforts on providing abortion care for the patients in our region.” Abortion is their bread and butter.

Last year, RRWC did 1,121 abortions, an average of 21/week. Twenty-one people were suctioned or poisoned to death every Wednesday in our city. A kindergarten class of girls and boys every week. And we say it’s OK to murder them just because they are young.

Fargo, if abortion makes you even a little uncomfortable, ask yourself why and then listen to the answer. And if you want to give these voiceless babies a voice and stand up to the worst human rights' violation in history, come to the sidewalk of the RRWC at 512 1st Avenue North every Wednesday morning to offer hope to women who come for abortions, not because they feel empowered but because they feel desperate.

Let’s establish justice in Fargo.

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