Letter: Anti-transgender bills are harmful and solve nothing

"Clearly, these bills are a 'solution' in search of a problem that doesn’t exist," Fargo resident Ann Henderson writes.

Letter to the editor FSA

The current rash of anti-transgender bills in the North Dakota Legislature is disheartening. Recent letters and opinion pieces have addressed the inclusion of transgender girls in sports. The issue seems to be “fairness,” using the assumption that all transgender girls will perform better than all cisgender girls (assigned girls at birth). There no evidence that this is the case: athletic ability, family support and training — not transgender status — among students is what leads to success.

Transgender athletes have participated in the Olympics since 2004, yet not one has earned a medal. In states where trans kids are allowed to play, there is no evidence that the inclusion of trans athletes has affected participation in girls sports. Clearly, these bills are a “solution” in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.

So who are we protecting? Certainly not the transgender kids. Anti-transgender laws do nothing but legitimize and foster a hostile climate towards kids who are already targets of bullying, discrimination and violence.

Ann Henderson is a resident of Fargo.

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