Letter: Buckle up, Moorhead

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In response to Mike McFeely’s column, “Moorhead is the small-town San Francisco of the Midwest,” published Nov. 29: Wow! According to McFeely, Moorhead is truly on its way to liberal heaven. However, seems to me the pathway to that Nirvana is strewn with a few annoyances that the new “Midwest Golden City” might be blessed with, although I’m sure McFeely would consider them as part of the ambiance.

First, there’s going to have to be some really good employment available to match your new median home cost of $1.61 million. However, the attraction of the new “Midwest San Francisco” as a tourist attraction might just fill the bill.

Oh, and the small matter of hypodermic needles and human feces on sidewalks might be a tiny bit problematic in the summer, but Old Man Winter will eventually cover all that stuff up with snow so the kiddies won’t even notice.

Then there’s the matter of the homeless. It’s unlikely that even the “Midwest Jewel” will attract San Francisco’s 7,000 homeless; but, on a pro rata basis, you will be joined by another 340 hapless individuals who will undoubtedly find their way to contribute to Moorhead’s allure as a “magnet city.”

Perhaps another thing that McFeely didn’t really think too much about is the grand setting that would be expected of such a Midwest city gem. To emulate the uniqueness of San Francisco, I’d assume a lot of that rich Red River Valley top soil would need to be moved to shape Moorhead’s topography into many thrilling vertical streets which, along with all the fun of up and down, will offer stunning views of the Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Red River. A nice counterpart to the Golden Gate over the San Francisco Bay, don't ya think?


That McFeely really has it nailed with all the glam and glitter than comes with liberal “progressivism” and, with people in power implementing his forward thinking, Moorhead is on the cusp of so many great things.

Ya sure, ya betcha.

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