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Letter: Build Back Better bill should protect immigrants

Nordlund writes, "The nation could not have made it through the COVID crisis without our immigrant workforce and we cannot fully recover without them either."

Letter to the editor FSA

Tragically, right now our care infrastructure isn’t just broken. It’s non-existent. We need to make sure investments in the industry, like home health care, are successful. That’s why we must keep lasting protections for immigrant workers in our communities, who nationally make up 38% of home health aides, in the Build Back Better Act.

It's well known that immigrant workers make up approximately 2 million early childhood educators. For investments in the early childcare industry to be successful, we must keep lasting protections for immigrants in the Build Back Better Act.

Industries across the board are struggling to fill employment gaps. Now is the time to end worker shortages by supporting immigrant workers in our communities with lasting protections.

Protecting immigrants in our communities is a no-brainer. Our economy could get a huge boost by protecting immigrant families. Our GDP could grow by $1.5 trillion, we’ll create 400,000 new jobs and increase wages for all American workers.

The nation could not have made it through the COVID crisis without our immigrant workforce and we cannot fully recover without them either.


It's time to stand up for our immigrant friends, families, and co-workers. As you may be aware, a recent poll found overwhelming bipartisan support for legislation in Build Back Better providing Dreamers and other undocumented immigrants, who have been here for many years, the ability to earn a work permit and receive protection from deportations; as it should.

James Nordlund lives in Moorhead.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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