Letter: Bureaucrats are slowing COVID vaccine distribution

It's time for [officials] to get the National Guard to open up the Fargodome for mass vaccinations.

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It is heart breaking to see the daily list of people dying from COVID-19. Meanwhile thousands of doses of vaccine are sitting unused in refrigerators at Sanford.

In The Forum we read about the multiple levels of bureaucrats who slow down and limit distribution of the vaccine. Fargo Cass Public Health brags that they are nearing completion of vaccinations for what is known as "Phase 1A priority groups ." They brag that they vaccinated 500 people last week. That is a drop in the bucket.

People may utilize the "COVID-19 resident contact form" to gain access to the vaccine when the health bureaucrats allow it. This bureaucratic paralysis is costing lives every day.


  • Vaccines rolling out quickly in North Dakota, but slower in other parts of the country The state has administered 64% of the coronavirus doses it has received, thus far.
  • North Dakota's rollout of rapid COVID-19 testing too slow for Cass County commissioners "North Dakota has been strategizing the best way to administer the rapid antigen tests for at least the last few months," Eric Jensen of the state Department of Emergency Services told The Forum.

The health bureaucrats sit in meetings and pass motions while the ICUs fill up. Suzanne Schaefer, Fargo Public Health Director of Nursing, got herself vaccinated, but she asks us for continued patience. All of the multiple levels of nit-picking bureaucracy result in deaths. It's time for them to get the National Guard to open up the Fargodome for mass vaccinations.
James Kaplan is professor emeritus of French at Minnesota State University Moorhead.


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