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Letter: China's biological war

Kovach of Nevis, Minn., believes China is using Fentanyl as an agent of chemical warfare.

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China's biological war against the United States started with the introduction of the Covid virus in early 2020. But even earlier than that China has been exporting Fentanyl into the United States for years.

Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are dying every year from drug use, and it is my opinion that this is Communist China's biological weapon against the people of America. And it's working.

But the Biden administration and others in the U.S. government, including some Republicans, have such close ties, financially, with China, that nothing is being done to combat this horrible attack against the American people. Our woke military in the likes of Defense Sec. Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Milley refuse to accept this biological war unofficially declared by communist China. Biden and his lackeys should be impeached for this lack of protection against the actions of a very hostile and dangerous enemy like Communist China.

Tom Kovach lives in Nevis, Minn.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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