Letter: Climate change is nothing more than a conspiracy theory

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In regard to the front page story published April 30th about Phyllis Johnson and her Christian crusade for climate change, I can only say, The Forum must have had a slow news day.

I concluded long ago that the climate change movement is more of a quasi-religious jihad than a scientific endeavor. This article just provides one more piece of evidence affirming my assessment. I don’t wish to demean Johnson's career or beliefs, but she does not have the scientific expertise or experience to credibly argue for or against the process of climate change. She touts herself as being one of the 97% of scientists that believe in climate change. This, of course, is a meaningless statement that gets bandied about to artificially lift her status and views above others.

Those that question even one component of what has become climate change dogma are derogatively labeled and ostracized as unfit. This is a well-worked religious tool that has been used throughout history to control the masses. Because the priests and priestesses have successfully predicted a few things beyond the ken of the common peasant, we are supposed to accept all their pronouncements as irrevocable truth. To challenge this dogma can result in a great deal of unpleasantness, the least of which is professional and public scorn. Historically, the Inquisition, witch trials, burning of heretics, and other atrocities are rooted in this blind fervor for one’s religion.

The truth is out there. We just have to remain skeptical enough and objective enough to find it.

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