Letter: Coronavirus is not just going to 'disappear'

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Recently, President Trump said, "I think we're gonna be very good with the coronavirus, I think at some point that's going to sort of just disappear, I hope."

Record-shattering numbers of new COVID-19 cases have struck California, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and Arizona. Nationally more than 30 million Americans are out of work; tens of thousands of businesses are shuttered and may never open again.

It is as if we are all trapped on the Titanic, and we have an unstable president steering us straight at a massive COVID-19 iceberg.

America is “leading the world” in COVID-19 deaths. As of Aug. 8, America has 157,231 COVID-19 deaths. That’s like eliminating Fargo from the face of the Earth.

Children and adolescents are not immune to COVID-19. Many school districts, across America have come to the conclusion that Trump’s failure to contain COVID-19 makes it unwise to return their students to a conventional classroom setting.


Our national unemployment rate remains at a level last experienced during the Great Depression.

The Republican-controlled Senate refuses to take action on a House-passed COVID-19 relief bill. This guaranteed that a nationwide $600 weekly federal unemployment benefit expired on July 31, threatening 30 million American citizens livelihoods and Trump’s reelection likelihood.

Trump’s nationwide polling numbers are abysmal. So, he implemented the out of his mind and possibly impeachable offense of sending armed federal agents to foment violence in Portland, Oregon, and other American cities, hoping it would help his failing campaign.

Trump falsely claims Article II of the Constitution gives him “the right to do whatever he wants as president.” Desperately wanting to win, he proposed the election be delayed to give him an advantage, Congressional Democrats and Republicans both said “No!”

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