Letter: Democrats are trying to buy votes

Berube criticizes Democrats and President Biden for for their student loan forgiveness plan.

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The Democratic Party’s plan to get votes is to give away free candy and ice cream to students by forgiving their student loans with your money. Yes, that’s right, your money.

The federal government does not have a pile of money. It gets its money from “we the people” through taxation. This coupled with the 4.9 million illegal immigrants in the last 18 months receiving free housing, room and board and free health care results in a lot of bought and paid for votes.

All that effort to get votes and for what? All the credit and all the blame only goes to one person, President Biden!

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The beauty of the predictable Republican outcry over the "handouts" of Biden's student loan program is that there are receipts for PPP loans forgiven and farm money handed out.

We have not heard or seen any action from our elected officials in Congress, who by the way are receiving compensation, free health care and free retirement from your tax dollars. Take some time to let them know how unhappy you are and you will not accept this irresponsible spending for the purpose of garnering votes!

Gary Berube lives in Mandan, N.D.


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