Letter: Do your part to support democracy and consider becoming a poll worker

Marie Pozarnsky writes, "Republican or Democrat, let's step up."

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Can an individual North Dakotan do anything to support democracy? By volunteering to be an election worker, you can encourage all eligible voters to participate. Republican or Democrat, let's step up.

Today, most election workers are paid by the county, and receive mileage also. Workers are needed for absentee boards and for assisting at the polls.

Time commitments can be as little as a training session and one 12-hour shift at the polls or one training session and up to two shifts counting mail-in votes. Each volunteer usually has one task and often work in pairs. Training is necessary for that task and for understanding of the system, which is an education in itself.
Call your county auditor to inquire. They will put your name on a list and you may receive a call. Rural counties are particularly short. Be a part of the process.

Marie Pozarnsky lives near Benedict, N.D.

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