Letter: Doctors' jobs are not in jeopardy

Linda Thorson, state director of Concerned Women for America, writes, "It is malpractice to refuse anyone the medical help needed in all circumstances, including a spontaneous abortion."

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Columnist Jim Shaw is concerned that the result of the state’s enactment of our abortion ban will be the imprisonment of obstetricians . His November column covers the unfounded fears of obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Ana Tobiasz of Bismarck.

Tobiasz’s views are a distortion of the truth. She states that when abortions are banned in our state, mothers may have to carry a dead fetus in the womb. The truth is that our state’s abortion laws prevent elective abortions only, not spontaneous abortions, which occur when the baby has died in the womb without medical intervention. It is malpractice to refuse anyone the medical help needed in all circumstances, including a spontaneous abortion.

Tobiasz declares the purpose of her medical practice is to prevent others from going through what happened to her after her son was born with a birth defect. What does she mean by “prevent?” Does she mean children with birth defects should not be given life?

Any medical person who assesses an unborn child with birth defects as less valuable than another life propagates a eugenic policy. These policies are a slippery slope in which any living being with ailments – physical, emotional, or mental deficits and challenges could one day also be assessed as dispensable.

I am grateful our governor and legislators understand the value of life; as a result, our state will soon be safer for unborn babies.


Linda Thorson is the state director of Concerned Women for America.

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