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Letter: Does The Forum try to be this tone deaf?

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In response to " Fargo girl bags 600-pound wildebeest during her first hunt ever " published Nov. 29:

Boy, you guys at The Forum have really got a knack for being tone deaf about killing animals. It's called the anthropomorphic point of view, meaning to me taking, for no reason, gratuitously and pointlessly, anything and everything to feed the almighty me, me, me!

In this case, gratuitously killing a wildebeest and other animals by, yes, a young girl. It obviously presents The Forum point of view that it's OK and really a great thing. It says, "Yes, this is OK," and it's got your imprimatur all over it. Shame on you. Couldn't be more tone deaf if you tried. You aren't actually trying to be tone deaf, are you?

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