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Letter: Don't let this football season go out with a whimper

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C’mon, Bison fans. Show your spirit and fire up! I had two relatives here this past weekend--one from Minnetonka, Minn., and one from Phoenix. Both had a ticket to Saturday’s game, and both wore North Dakota State University gear.

Alas, I had to watch the game on television. When they returned, we asked how they liked the game. Both, from different parts of the country but with roots in Fargo, were excited to see the game in person. They were impressed with the team and their skills; plus they also enjoyed seeing the Fargodome for the first time. However, they both were disappointed with the fans.

It is as if the fans expected to win. As the Herd’s score went up, they showed their complacency by leaving early and not reaching the famous sound level of the dome.

Things will be different as the coaching staff changes. Scores may not be what we are used to. So I ask that you, the fans, please don’t let this extraordinary season go out with a whimper. Proudly wear your green and gold, and fire, fire, fire up! God bless our Thundering Herd!

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