Letter: Educated people have facts on their side

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In response to the Carol Tescher Obrigewitch letter, " Western North Dakota voters got it right ," published Nov. 25:

Obrigewitch starts the main part of her letter with a rant against Jack Zaleski's Nov. 18th column stating that North Dakota got 'Cramered' on election day. She ended whining about Zaleski's comment that Eastern North Dakota is younger, more educated, more open-minded, and socially innovative.

Obreigwitch's first complaint was, "Oh really, Mr. Zaleski. What is your definition of educated?" Obreigwitch must not know either since she didn't take the time, or effort, to inform us. Wikipedia defines it as being about teaching, learning skills and knowledge. It is important for educators to teach ways to find and use information.

Her second whine was High Five Heidi. Not a thing original with this comment. It had been on television and radio spots for quite some time. There's no educational value with that comment.

Number three for Ms. Obreigwitch's list of catastrophes is do new ideas mean late-term abortions? The really right-wing conservatives have been having hissy-fits about abortions since Roe vs. Wade. and that is over 40 years ago. It's the same old garbage from the same old group and there is absolutely nothing original here.


Number four is about immigration. Does welcoming newcomers mean creating sanctuary cities? No, it doesn't. Why are you trying to imply that leaders, investors and social innovators would join with the protesters and are causing the loss of hundreds of North Dakota jobs with Keystone Pipelines? It takes a special kind of dolt to slit their own business throat and enjoy it.

Number five is her implication that young people are not as highly-educated but more conditioned than older people. I totally disagree with Obreigwitch. I am an older person and have two college educated stepsons and I'd put them against Obrigewitch any day of the week and twice on Sunday. They always have facts on their side and all you seem to have is political campaign "clap-trap." The election is over and yet you disparage good people.

Don't just look at North Dakota but include the rest of the country and you'll see things are changing and realize just how conditioned you are.

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