Letter: Empty words and empty wombs

Karen Gemar of Moorhead writes about Minnesota passing the Protect Reproductive Options Act.

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Last time I checked, the Constitution protects life, not death.

Minnesota wants you to be grateful to them for legislation (PRO Act) that just gave you rights you already had, but in the swirl of flowery sentiments, the only thing they added was death.

They crafted the right to murder viable, living, breathing human beings with a heartbeat and a calling, a name and identity from God, and a purpose on earth, right before they come out of a sacred space.

You already had the right to carry a baby to term, for medical privacy and good health care. That isn't new and was never in danger.

If certain Minnesota leaders would stop dancing with the beast system, then the state could actually prosper, not just in empty words and empty wombs.


See the destiny God made for you and you could be blessed beyond your wildest imagination.

Give it a try. Hear the music of life playing over you,
and dance.

Karen Gemar lives in Moorhead.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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