Letter: 'Foolum' Forum should stop telling us who to vote for

"Do your own research on candidates," Fargo resident Ellen Dunn writes. "Most importantly, vote for the candidate that will make life better for all of the citizens of North Dakota, not just big oil from out of state and farmers."

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The "Foolum" Forum needs to stop telling us how to vote.

Do your own research on candidates. Go to candidate forums. Most importantly, vote for the candidate that will make life better for all of the citizens of North Dakota, not just big oil from out of state and farmers.

All citizens of North Dakota need representation. Day care workers, educators, medical workers on the front lines and small businesses. Funding for metal health care is lacking.

Vote for a candidate that promotes the needs of all North Dakotans.

Ellen Dunn is a resident of Fargo.


This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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