Letter: Forum's decision to scale back print days is sad for this former newspaper man

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A community the size of the Fargo-Moorhead area is oftentimes recognized by its daily newspaper. We live at the crossroads of two major interstate highways, with people coming to our area every day by air, train, bus and motor vehicle.

At most of the motels and hotels here in the area, The Forum is available for guests to purchase – some motels and hotels provide the newspaper on a complimentary basis to their guests. When someone gets off the airplane at Hector International Airport, what do many people who are coming from out of state do? These people stop to pick up a copy of the newspaper.

I understand that the times have changed and technologies have changed, but there is something about seeing the printed newspaper every day. But, not having a daily printed newspaper available somehow just doesn’t seem right, in my opinion. I know people have access to The Forum digitally through its online services, such as . To me, it is unimaginable that a community our size will soon not have a daily printed newspaper.


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I realize that nothing I have to say will sway The Forum’s decision to cease publishing a printed newspaper except for two days per week. I wish there was a way that the daily printed newspaper could continue to be published. It appears that this decision is etched in stone. I am sorry for the people who will be losing their jobs as a result of this business decision.
I have a background as a former newspaper writer and editor. The Forum’s recent announcement that the newspaper will soon cease publishing a print edition except for two days a week, and those newspapers will be mailed to subscribers and not delivered by carrier, is very sad news to this former newspaperman.

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