Letter: Fox News is Russia's greatest ally

Quinn writes, "Russia could have no better friend than Fox News to stir up the worst elements of our society. The right wing 'Replacement Theory' is getting Americans killed at a discount."

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Why should Putin spend money on nuclear weapons when he has former President Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson? The United States is not being torn apart by explosives, but by lies, conspiracy theories, and the cult of the ill-informed.

Russia could have no better friend than Fox News to stir up the worst elements of our society. The right wing “Replacement Theory” is getting Americans killed at a discount. Hate crimes have multiplied exponentially since the Republican Party has given the wink to the gun toting mental cases obsessed with notions of white supremacy.

Unity was once the hallmark of the American dream. Now, right wing medial has pitted people against Jews, immigrants, women, Asians, the poor, African Americans, and those with a different sexual orientation.

Who do we attribute the rise of these hate crimes to? The very people who have committed the murders admit where their inspiration came from. What could delight Putin more than a right wing news media dedicated to destroying democracy and bringing a ruthless liar to power?

Mike Quinn lives in Bismarck.


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