Letter: Give your life purpose by volunteering with AARP

Eunice Kuhn, Grand Forks, encourages others to volunteer with AARP.

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Creating a sense of purpose as we age makes life better. We have found great purpose by volunteering with AARP ND. A non-political, non-partisan organization focused on empowering people to choose how they live as they age, AARP has volunteer opportunities that move the needle on issues affecting older people like us and all North Dakotans.

My husband, Pete, is focused on driver safety. Did you know AARP volunteers provide driver safety courses for older adults? They are always looking for driver safety instructors to help older adults stay behind the wheel, and therefore independent, longer.

I enjoy being part of the AARP ND Speakers Bureau. I’m not an expert, but I like to help. With their toolkits and a little help from the staff, I have gotten up to speed on topics like fraud or tips for staying in your home. I then get to share that knowledge with my community.

AARP also spends a lot of time on other issues that we care about — ensuring everyone can afford the prescription drugs they need; helping people get ready to retire and educating folks on how to spot a scam. You can find volunteer opportunities in those areas, too.

I know that the volunteer work we do with AARP helps make sure that we, and all North Dakotans, get a chance to age on our terms. To learn more, go to .


Eunice Kuhn lives in Grand Forks.

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