Letter: God loves LGBTQ children as they are

Jorgensen writes, "If God created a person with a particular sexual orientation, how can another person assume that this was not an act of God?"

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First of all, ignorance and fear plus a false understanding of God and the Scriptures has led many so-called Christians to take a stand against the LGBTQ community. If God created a person with a particular sexual orientation, how can another person assume that this was not an act of God? Many turn to particular verses in Scripture to back their position. Scriptures are the witness of persons living in a certain time in history, and were accepted by a council of the Church; they did not drop out of heaven by an act of God.

I also believe that the Scriptures are living documents, not dead rules, and that Christ is resurrected and living, continuing to work through the Holy Spirit to reveal new understandings for our time.

Secondly, Christ has summarized all of the commandments in one command: love God and love your neighbor. Paul wrote that love is the first and greatest of the gifts of God. Nowhere in the Christian faith is there room for hate of anyone, including those who consider us to be enemies.

Thirdly, none of us who are not LGBTQ can understand or fully appreciate how difficult it is for these children of God. So many, if not all, live in constant fear. There are so many evil people out there who wish to do them harm. As true Christians, we must do everything possible to defend them and to take action against those who would harm them.

Retired Pastor John A Jorgensen lives in Fargo.


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