Letter: Has Forum restaurant critic ever worked in one?

A person holds a letter with the text "letter to the editor" overlaid on the image.

In response to the review, " West Fargo's Tru Blu misses the nuances of fine dining ," by Eric Daeuber published Dec. 19:

I seem to have found a mistake. In a picture, you can see the server's name on the table. Did you ever think that perhaps this server could lose their job over this?

Also, shame on the author of this article. I doubt he has ever worked at an actual restaurant in his existence.

Maybe the server was new perhaps? Or having a bad day? Or maybe the cook that made his meal was new as well? I have a feeling he would have a different opinion if any of his family members were in the restaurant business.

From reading his articles it seems to me he is a professor. I'm curious what his knowledge is on dining out? Lastly, I will not be continuing to read from this source. I cannot believe a well-known news source would allow this to be published when someone could lose their job over it.

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