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Letter: 'Have gun - will travel'

Knutson writes, "Something reminded me of this show while watching the news about Kyle Rittenhouse over the last few weeks."

Letter to the editor FSA

That was the title of a 1950s weekly TV western. The main character was a man named Wire Paladin. He ran ads in newspapers advertising his services to whomever wanted to hire him. Something reminded me of this show while watching the news about Kyle Rittenhouse over the last few weeks.

Accompanied by his mother, he traveled from out of state with a gun. An assault weapon, which I think is far more deadly than the revolver carried by Paladin. And he obviously knew how to use it. At least better than three other people he encountered at the protest. There was no indication that he hired out his services to anyone, but there was a mention in right wing social media that he had a relative who was a business owner in Kenosha.

Being a parent and a grandparent, I am totally baffled by what his mother was thinking when she drove him there. She knew had a deadly weapon and that he wanted to use it to protect property from rioters and looters. The jury determined that all three shootings were in self defense which means that Kyle’s life was in immanent danger at least three times over the span of a few minutes. She could easily have found herself planning Kyle’s funeral rather than finding an attorney.

In my opinion she is guilty of child endangerment. He was 17 years old at the time. He needed adult guidance. He didn’t get it and two people are dead because of his mother’s total lack of good judgement.

Milan Knutson lives in Fargo.


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