Letter: History will be unkind to Trump supporters

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Imagine someday when your little grandchild has become old enough to study history, and the question comes, “ Grandpa, did you support Donald Trump?” Imagine the poor grandpas in Germany that have been asked “Grandpa, did you support Hitler? If you are a Trump supporter you need to be working on your answer. Maybe your grandchild will ask “Did you vote for people that supported Trump?” When the day comes will you still use the same answers you use today? Will you explain to them KFYR radio, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News?

Will you say anything about the country becoming obsessed with greed? Will you talk about how religion got off the rails?

I hope when you are done answering your grandchild that your offspring have respect for you and feel both you and they have learned a valuable lesson from history.

Quinn lives in Bismarck.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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