Letter: Hoping for a better world

"Do we not wonder why we don’t live in a kinder gentler world?" Pelican Lake, Minn. resident David Stene asks.

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Some of us who have occasion to consider history may wonder how our Native Americans were murdered, starved or displaced in what has been considered to be America’s genocide.

We wonder how a civilized society could have possibly enslaved a people, then wonder how for many years later they were discriminated against, segregated, even lynched and hated based of the color of their skin.

We wonder how those that love a member of their own sex could have been subject to hatred and discrimination and prevented from marrying because of a minority’s religious beliefs.

We wonder how the same minority wants to control women’s liberty and freedom to make their own health care and reproductive choices.

We remember societies and political parties (such as the Nazis) that tried to burn and ban books throughout history.


And we will someday soon wonder how those minorities somehow promoted hatred, cruelty and discrimination against the transgender among us.

Do we not wonder why we don’t live in a kinder gentler world?

David Stene is a resident of Pelican Lake, Minn.

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