Letter: House Bill 1166 needs your attention

"Contact your senators and take a stand against state-funded droughts and climate change," Regent, N.D. resident Jamie Kouba writes.

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Your weather is being modified and you should be concerned.

Back in the late 1970s, the state began cost sharing it and the large majority of the state began to participate in the program. Thirty-eight counties have participated in this. Thirty-four failed to make it work and four still remain.

These people make bogus claims that are supposed to benefit everyone, but the truth is they benefit only a specific group of people and I promise that you and I are not in the club. Here's why:

The North Dakota Cloud Modification Project webpage states that they can modify the weather up to 90 miles beyond the target area. Rough figures would tell you they have an effect on 25 to 30% of the state's weather that lands on people who rejected this program

Politicians say this is a matter of local control and should remain in participating counties. Without liability for the damage caused to everyone for the downwind 90 miles? Why should this even be allowed?


At a recent hearing, Bowman County Commissioner Pine Abrahamson stated they don't do rain enhancement while he's making hay so it doesn't get rained on, a reminder that the weather is modified for those in power.

Each spring they open up a comment period notifying the "intent to modify the weather" but how convenient is it that they license themselves? You think your opinion matters?

Did you know that the same chemicals (yes, toxic chemicals in our air and water) they use to supposedly "increase" rain fall are the same chemicals they use to "eliminate" fog and rain? And this is how they "suppress" hail? You are supposed to believe the science but the result is always an early rainout.

Contact your senators and take a stand against state-funded droughts and climate change.

Jamie Kouba is a resident of Regent, N.D.

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