Letter: How about a 'Profile in Hypocrisy'?

A person holds a letter with the text "letter to the editor" overlaid on the image.

Regarding the Sept. 15 letter by Michael Richard , president of the Minnesota State University Moorhead College Democrats, it is interesting how he uses the Brent Kavanaugh nomination to weave his own justification to give a Profile in Courage award to Heidi Heitkamp, from North Dakota.

Richard expressed how the sexual misbehavior accusations by Christine Blasey Ford kept him "glued to the television." May I ask how his young political science eyes felt back when Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota was accused of domestic abuse allegations published by Minnesota newspapers back in August 2018? Now that Keith is attorney general, that seems to show Minnesota voters turned a blind eye to his misbehavior.

Did Richard do any research on that other sexual predator by the name of Harvey Weinstein? He is the wealthy Democrat from Hollywood who created Talk magazine back in 1999 with Hillary Clinton on its cover. Would Richard demand the donation of the millions Weinstein donated to Democrat candidates be handed over to the Rape and Abuse clinics? Would that act wash away the taint of hypocrisy as the Democrats toss more mud against Kavanaugh in renewed calls for his impeachment based on allegations?

If Richard agrees it was proper to force the resignation of Sen. Al Franken from Minnesota in December 2017, he should also agree it was based on Frankens sexual misbehavior. Where is the evidence to justify his attacks on a sitting Supreme Court Justice?

Perhaps the Democrats should create an award called "Profile in Hypocrisy"?

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