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Letter: I do not welcome an abortion clinic in Moorhead

Gemar writes, "Yes, everyone has the right over their bodies choices, including whether to have sex or not. Let’s get to the real issue."

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When I hear people say “most people think this” or “most people think that.” I wonder to myself, how do they know that?

Are they basing their opinion on who they know or on a person they listen to on TV or podcast? How do they really know that?

Does one thousand people represent 169,000 well? (Fargo-Moorhead)

I don’t agree. Unless the silent ones are asked, how do you really know what they think of the issue of having a building designed to take what God has made and snuff it out?

Here is one person in Moorhead that is against murder at every stage and does not want murdering babies to ruin her city.


Yes, everyone has the right over their bodies choices, including whether to have sex or not. Let’s get to the real issue.

For those for abortion, who made you?
God loves you very very much. Get to know someone that knows you and loves you more than any person can. God is beyond good. It can heal a lot of heart issues.

Karen Gemar lives in Moorhead.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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