Letter: I feel like I just paid to see a bunch of ads at holiday lights display

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I have never been to the holiday lights display at Lindenwood Park so I thought it would be a great time to take part. I know the proceeds go to charity, but that was the only good thing there was. I was thoroughly disappointed and a bit disheartened.

First off, most displays were very lacking and almost embarrassing. If you are going to take part you could at least try. Only having an advertisement for your business with one or two strings of lights is very poor. The entire thing was just paying to see a bunch of advertisements.

Granted, there were a few (very few) that were creative and done well, but overall I can't believe we spent money and time to drive through this sad collection of displays. If we weren't bumper-to-bumper traffic I would have turned around halfway through and just left.

I know the advertisement is for each business who put up each display, but that was all it was. Where was the magic? Where was the holiday spirit? I will never waste my time or money again. The best light displays I saw were on the houses driving back home.

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